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Divorce Room

You can survive and move on

car-treeWhile divorce is a mess- an emotional, financial and legal disaster- you can turn chaos into order. Surviving divorce, for both you and your children, takes time.  But there are things you can do while the clock is running to speed the healing.  Act now- take charge of your life- is the plan that will move you forward.

Divorce at Heartchoice.com offers articles on  is it time for me to divorce?, overview of divorce issues, telling your children about divorce, divorce mediation, deciding  whether joint custody is right for you,  what your children are going through, getting along with your ex, making parental decisions together, are you ready to start over?, remarriage- single woman/divorced man with kids and holidays for the divorced
Don’t go through divorce alone.  Send us your questions.

For dads, be aware of The Divorced Survival Book.

You can call (877) 219-3207 toll free to speak with an experienced divorce attorney in your area. For more information about finding an attorney, please click here.

Divorce Articles

  1. Is it time for me to divorce?
  2. Overview of divorce issues
  3. Telling your children about divorce
  4. Divorce mediation
  5. Deciding whether joint custody is right for you
  6. What your children are going through
  7. Getting along with your ex
  8. Making parental decisions together
  9. Are you ready to start over?
  10. Remarriage- single woman/divorced man with kids
  11. Holidays for the divorced